Jul 26 2006

Graham Statement on the Child Custody Protection Act

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) made the following statement on the parental notification law which passed the U.S. Senate late yesterday. The legislation would make it a federal crime to take a pregnant minor across state lines to obtain an abortion and avoid parental consent or notification requirements. Graham voted in support of the legislation which passed the Senate 65-34 and will now go to conference with the House of Representatives. President Bush urged the House and Senate to work out the differences and send him a bill for his signature. Graham said: “Parents should be involved in decisions regarding the health of their children, particularly a major issue such as abortion. In some cases, non-parents will assist a minor in leaving their home state to obtain an abortion in another state. The aim is to avoid the home state’s parental notification laws. “The legislation strengthens the role of parents and makes it tougher to avoid state laws relating to parental notification. It also reaffirms that parents are the primary responsible party for their underage children. “I was pleased with the strong Senate vote and hope we can put a bill on the President’s desk for his signature in the coming weeks.” #####