May 05 2009

Graham Responds to Chairman Obey’s ‘Shot for a Year’ Remark on Operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement on remarks by House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey (D-Wisconsin) that he may not support funding for American operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan for more than one year.


“It is disappointing and somewhat unbelievable the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee would talk about putting a one-year deadline on funding for operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

 “Signaling to our enemies that funding may stop within a year if they can create enough chaos not only emboldens our enemies, it puts our own troops at increased risk.  Our military commanders, service members and their families are under enough stress.


“Al Qaeda and the Taliban are patient and resilient.  They view their struggle with the United States as a test of wills.  As Americans, our will to win must be greater than their will to defeat us.  In Iraq we learned that if we provide the needed support to our forces they can accomplish great things. 

“Thus far, the Obama Administration has made reasoned and solid decisions regarding the situation on the ground in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.  It is vital to our long-term national interests that we finish the job in Iraq and regain lost momentum in Afghanistan.  After our success in Iraq, Afghanistan is becoming the central battle in the war on terror. 


“I’m glad Chairman Obey did not have his way in Iraq.  I hope President Obama will stand up to this kind of rhetoric and let our men and women in uniform, our allies, and just as important -- our enemies -- know we are in this to win.”