Oct 25 2017

Graham: We Must "Up Our Game" To Cut Taxes, Repeal Obamacare

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) spoke with Fox News about the Republican Party and President Trump.

  • GRAHAM: “I’m here to help where I can. I’m not going to abandon Jeff Flake or Bob Corker. I love John McCain. But Mr. President, I want to help you cut taxes and win a war we can’t afford to lose. So let’s all up our game.” https://youtu.be/7FRlzg_RQOs?t=1m41s
  • GRAHAM: “We’re not going to be successful or fail because of MSNBC or CNN. Most people don’t watch those cable networks. Most people are working for a living.” https://youtu.be/7FRlzg_RQOs?t=2m25s
  • GRAHAM: “The one thing I would say… to my colleagues: I admire you. I like you. You’ve got guts. To the President: You won. You beat me. I want you to be successful. To all three of you: knock it off. ” https://youtu.be/7FRlzg_RQOs?t=7m38s
  • GRAHAM: “I want this president to be successful because God knows we need change in this country. Donald Trump beat us all with a simple message: Let’s make America great again and drain the swamp. And a lot of us up here need to do a little soul searching as to why we’re so unpopular.” https://youtu.be/7FRlzg_RQOs?t=4m35s