Jan 19 2018

Graham Statement On Funding the Government

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement.

“My underlying goal in this debate has been to find solution and to provide sufficient time to reach agreement on our shared goals of increasing defense spending; resolving the status of the Dreamers and increasing border security; guaranteeing funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program and other health care programs; and providing disaster relief.

“Given the Congressional calendar and logistics of passing legislation, I believe that we will need a CR that runs past the week of the State of the Union.  In consultation with the Leaders and the White House, I believe that a CR through February 8th is necessary in order to work toward our shared goals, while providing sufficient urgency in these discussions.

“After lengthy consultations with senators from both parties, I believe no one wants the government to shut down.  I also believe that we are inside the ten yard line on finding solutions on all issues previously described including immigration.

“General Mattis’s statement today about the damage defense cuts and CRs are having on our military was very sobering.  I have full confidence that we will be able to respond in a bipartisan manner to the General’s call to action to help our military.

“There is also a lot of bipartisan support for a permanent and fair solution for the Dreamers as well as a realization that we need a more secure border.

“February 8th provides us the time only if we have the will.  I believe the will exists; so I intend to give the time.?”