Dec 19 2018

Graham on Media Reports about Withdrawal from Syria

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement on news reports the United States is preparing to withdraw its small, limited military presence from Syria.

“If these media reports are true, it will be an Obama-like mistake made by the Trump Administration. While American patience in confronting radical Islam may wane, the radical Islamists’ passion to kill Americans and our allies never wavers.  

“After visiting Syria earlier this year, it is abundantly clear the approximately 2,000 American troops stationed there are vital to our national security interests. 

“An American withdrawal at this time would be a big win for ISIS, Iran, Bashar al Assad of Syria, and Russia.  I fear it will lead to devastating consequences for our nation, the region, and throughout the world.

“Today, we have a small American footprint and limited presence in northeastern Syria in support of our Kurdish allies who were indispensable in the fight against ISIS.  Staying there is an insurance policy against the reemergence of ISIS and destruction of our Kurdish allies who fought so bravely against them.

“An American withdrawal will put the Kurds and all those who came to America’s aid in destroying ISIS at tremendous risk.  It will make it more difficult to recruit future partners willing to confront radical Islam.  It will also be seen by Iran and other bad actors as a sign of American weakness in the efforts to contain Iranian expansion.”