May 15 2018

Graham On Trump Meeting With Senate Republicans

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement after meeting with President Donald Trump and Senate Republicans.

“President Trump is a true believer in ‘Peace through Strength’. 

“President Trump gave an excellent overview of our North Korea and Iran policy, and how he plans to forcefully deal with both threats. 

“He’s fully committed to denuclearizing the Korean peninsula, and hopes to make it a win-win for North Korea and the world at large.  However, he is also strongly committed to protecting United States interests and the American homeland from a nuclear-armed North Korea.

“As for Iran, he expressed a strong desire and resolve to sanction the Iranian regime for its efforts to dismember the Middle East.  He stated one of the biggest threats the world faces is a nuclear-armed Iran.  The President will continue to challenge our European allies to get a better deal.  He is fully committed to re-imposing sanctions – as hard as he can for as long as necessary – to stop Iran’s march through the Middle East. 

“It was a very good foreign policy discussion.  I appreciate President Trump taking the time to speak with us about his plans to keep our nation strong and secure.”