Sep 10 2018

Graham: U.S. Has Duty To Act And Prevent Idlib Massacre

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement on reports that Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad plans to carry out a chemical attack in Idlib province.

“I hope that the Trump Administration will not sit on the sidelines and watch the wholesale massacre of innocent men, women and children in Idlib.  When it comes to Syria, we either act now or pay a heavy price later. 

“To sit on the sidelines and not rally the world to the cause of Idlib would be a major foreign policy mistake.

“The world has the ability to push back against this impending slaughter – the only question is, does the world have the will? With American leadership we can stop this ongoing humanitarian disaster.  

“Bashar al Assad is slaughtering hundreds of thousands of his own people in concert with the Russians and the Iranians to maintain power in the region. Assad by any definition is a war criminal and must be held accountable for his atrocities.

“On President Obama’s watch, Assad, Russia, and Iran engaged in war crimes and completely disrupted the Mid-East order. I pray that President Trump will not allow the same.”


Background: The Wall Street Journal U.S. Says Syria Plans Gas Attack in Rebel Stronghold