Jan 24 2020

Graham: Animosity Toward President Trump Should Be Resolved at the Ballot Box, Not Impeachment

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today spoke to reporters to react to opening arguments by the House impeachment managers.

  • GRAHAM: “Now, if you don’t know one of your family members is getting $87,000 a month from the most corrupt gas company in Ukraine, and it’s your job to deal with corruption in Ukraine, you’re not looking very hard. Somebody needs to look – not to help Trump, but to help us all, because that is not good foreign policy. It is not good government. And I don’t accept the idea that this has been looked at and there’s no ‘there’ there. Somebody needs to look at it, and I would prefer it to be outside of politics.” https://youtu.be/kU2mXC2dqRo?t=164
  • GRAHAM: “Yesterday was substantively important, in my view. Manager Garcia, who seems to be a very talented woman, I thought her rendition of there’s no ‘there’ there with Joe Biden was misleading. Let me just tell you, she mentioned the 17 witnesses, none of them think Hunter Biden has done anything wrong, I bet you none of them have looked.” https://youtu.be/kU2mXC2dqRo?t=28
  • GRAHAM: “I think this is a legitimate inquiry. I think it is bad foreign policy to allow what happened to happen. And there may be no criminal liability, it may be just conflicts of interest that are inappropriate, I don’t know I want somebody to look. I made sure that Mueller could look at the Trumps. My Democratic friends seem to have no interest in looking at something that screams to reek.” https://youtu.be/kU2mXC2dqRo?t=136
  • GRAHAM: “I don’t want to call Hunter Biden. I don’t want to call Joe Biden. I want somebody to look at that when this is done. I think I’ve got enough from the public record to believe that [the House impeachment managers’] assertion that there’s no ‘there’ there falls short. I think I know enough about Ukraine to believe that we didn’t betray the country.” https://youtu.be/kU2mXC2dqRo?t=1049
  • GRAHAM: “[Rep. Adam Schiff] told me that I have to get rid of this President now because I can’t trust him to do what’s best for the country because he’ll only do what’s best for Donald Trump. That decision needs to be made by the voters, and here is how I’m going to make that decision: I trust Donald Trump to do what’s best for the country. We’ll have a chance to talk about what he’s done for you and your family. The idea that a politician says [President Trump] can’t serve anymore because he’s been so self-centered, I find that to ring hollow.” https://youtu.be/kU2mXC2dqRo?t=410
  • GRAHAM: “As to Mr. Schiff’s discussion about why we need to remove the President, I think you saw in there some animosity toward this President that needs to be resolved at the ballot box, not in the court of impeachment.” https://youtu.be/kU2mXC2dqRo?t=444

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