Aug 15 2021

Graham on Afghanistan

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement on Afghanistan.

“The takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban is a sad and dangerous event for U.S. national security interests and the world at large.  Jihadists all over the world are celebrating this event.  

“President Biden’s statement yesterday saying it is up to the Afghan security forces to fight shows a complete disconnect as to the threats America faces.  Does President Biden truly believe the Taliban has America’s best interests at heart?  Are we comfortable outsourcing American national security to the Taliban?

“In addition, it is only a matter of time until al-Qaeda reemerges in Afghanistan and presents a threat to the American homeland and western world.  President Biden seems oblivious to the terrorist threats that will come from a Taliban-run Afghanistan.  The concept of an over-the-horizon counter-terrorism force to protect U.S. interests in Afghanistan is a military fantasy that will be insufficient to address the threats we will face. 

“The decision by President Biden to fully withdraw is a calamity for the people of Afghanistan, a disaster for the American people, and shows a lack of understanding as to the threats that still emanate from the War on Terror.  The long-term consequences for America flowing from this debacle in Afghanistan are enormous.  America will be seen as weak in the eyes of our enemies and unreliable in the eyes of our allies. 

“While I appreciate the flow of additional American forces to evacuate American personnel and trusted allies and partners, I do not believe it is possible to accomplish the task by the end of August.  This artificial date set by President Biden will likely result in thousands of Afghans who have helped America being left behind for slaughter.  This reckless act by President Biden, made against sound military advice, unfortunately, represents a series of bad decisions that compromise American security.  

“It is imperative that America not accept the Taliban as a legitimate government of Afghanistan because they are not.  They are medieval thugs who sympathize with al-Qaeda, brutalize women, and destroy all concepts of religious tolerance.  The Taliban represents a direct threat to the United States and our allies.”