Mar 09 2006

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today said the Senate Judiciary Committee’s ongoing work on comprehensive immigration reform will hopefully pay dividends in helping to eliminate illegal crossings on our nation’s southern border. “The first issue to address in immigration reform is border security,” said Graham. “Without strong physical border security no immigration reform will be successful in stopping the flood of illegal crossings. The porous nature of our border doesn’t just pose immigration problems, but national security ones as well.” The Judiciary Committee has discussed whether to create a real or virtual fence along the United States-Mexico border. A virtual fence would rely on cameras, motion detectors and other technological devices to monitor illegal crossings into the United States. A real fence would be similar to the San Diego Border Fence, a state-of-the-art nearly impenetrable barrier which made illegal entry into our nation much more difficult. The San Diego area was once a haven for illegal crossings but the Border Fence nearly stopped the flood of border crossings from Mexico into the area. “The Border Fence has worked in California and I’m ready to expand it to protect additional miles of our border,” said Graham. “It would cost an estimated $5 billion to construct, but that is a small price to pay when it comes to protecting our national security and relieving the pressure we face from a tidal wave of illegal immigration. Unfortunately, I have serious doubts about whether there is enough support in the Senate today for construction of a Border Fence. “The committee has already agreed to increase the use of technology and passed an amendment I authored that would that would allow more Border Patrol agents with military backgrounds to enforce our nation’s borders,” said Graham. “Due to modernization, in the coming years we’re expected to have a reduced number of people serving in some areas of the military. These veterans, with years of military experience and training, are excellent candidates to serve in an expanded Border Patrol.” “While many issues surrounding immigration reform are contentious, there is broad agreement among many Republicans and Democrats that maintaining the status quo along the border is simply unacceptable,” concluded Graham. Next week the committee will continue to work on the best way to increase security along our nation’s southern border. #####

Mar 08 2006

WASHINGTON- U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint today announced Greenville Technical College will receive two grants totaling $2 million for the construction of a new technology facility. The funds will help construct a new facility that will house medical and computer labs, and a culinary arts training kitchen. The grants will be paired with more than $11 million in local funds. According to figures from the U.S. Department of Commerce, the project is expected to create 1,500 jobs and generate $242 million in private investment. “South Carolina’s technical college system is a model for the nation,” said Graham. “Technical colleges play a vital role in developing our state’s economy by training the workforce of tomorrow. I appreciate what Greenville Tech is doing in the community and know the work they do today will help create a stronger, more diverse workforce for the future.” “Technical colleges are important in training our workforce with the skills needed for 21st century jobs and Greenville Tech is leading the way,” said DeMint. “I applaud their efforts to build this new facility and look forward to it benefiting future students.” Greenville Tech will receive a $1.5 million from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration and a $500,000 grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission. ####

Mar 07 2006

WASHINGTON- U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today announced the South Carolina Department of Transportation will receive more than $652,000 for five projects across the state. Bohicket Scenic Highway- $34,760 Bohicket Scenic Highway (S-20) is located on Johns Island from S.C. 700 Southerly to the end of the road located near Kiawah Island. This project will provide funding to develop the Bohicket Road Corridor Management Plan. The plan will detail a number of ways to promote, develop, and protect the Bohicket Road Scenic Highway. The plan will inventory the historic, recreational, cultural, archeological and natural resources along the road in addition to addressing the ways in which nearby communities may wish to promote tourism and/or economic development. Cherokee Foothills National Scenic Highway- $493,672 The Greenville County project (intersection of U.S. 25 and S.C. 11) will fund the restoration of the Blythe-Goodwin-Hagood House for use as a welcome center and museum. The 220-year old home was an important way station for travelers. An adjacent building was also used as a provisioning stop and among the earliest post offices in the region. This National Register property has been unoccupied since 1985 and is threatened by neglect and approaching commercial development. The Cherokee Foothills National Scenic Byway Association, in partnership with Greenville County, has obtained a $200,000 grant from the state of South Carolina to acquire the property. Scenic Byway funds will be used to restore and adapt the property for the benefit of the traveling public. Cherokee Foothills National Scenic Highway-$25,000 This Pickens County project is located between the intersections of S.C. 8 and S.C. 178. The project will establish a second scenic pullout or small parking area for visitors wishing to stop and admire Table Rock. The funds will be used obtain the necessary right-of-way encroachment permits, construction costs, and description signage. Edisto Scenic Highway 174- $57,472 This project begins at the McKinley Washington Bridge in Charleston County, continues through Edisto Island into Colleton County, and ends at the Atlantic Ocean. This project will develop a Corridor Management Plan (CMP) for the State designated Edisto Scenic Highway 174. CMPs are the central tool used by byway leaders to organize activities, investments, and planning goals for the communities and partners supporting the byway. The roadway is within the ACE Basin USFWS Wildlife Refuge target area and adjacent to the ACE Basin National Estuarine Research Reserve. It is the major road access to the ACE Basin Interpretive Center and to Edisto Beach. The Edisto Island Open Land Trust (project manager) will partner with nearby Clemson University in the development of the CMP and will organize and work with all stakeholders in the community to achieve the goal of maintaining the intrinsic qualities of Edisto Scenic Highway 174. Beaufort County Scenic Highways Project- $41,200 This project is located in Beaufort County along S.C. 170 south of Edward Burton Rodgers to U.S. 278. The project will develop a CMP to unite 8 separate scenic highway segments into one system, to be conserved, enhanced and marketed to benefit both residents and visitors. They are located almost contiguously near environmental and historic resources in areas that have experienced major growth and change during the past decade. ####

Mar 02 2006

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today praised Senate passage of the PATRIOT Act reauthorization. The vote in the Senate was 89-10. “The PATRIOT Act helps our intelligence and law enforcement agencies protect us from a vicious enemy. The tools it provides are necessary to help fight and win the War on Terror. “The legislation also strikes a good balance protecting the rights of individuals while protecting the security of our nation. I’m pleased the Senate passed the extension and look forward to President Bush signing it into law.” #####

Mar 02 2006

WASHINGTON- U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint today announced more than $13.9 million for seventeen airports throughout South Carolina. These funds were awarded by the Federal Aviation Administration to both major and general aviation airports following application submissions by the individual airports. “South Carolina’s airports are a vital part of our state’s transportation infrastructure and play an integral role in our economy,” said Graham. “These improvements will help recruit future investment and economic development.” "This funding is a clear indication that the FAA sees the worthiness of these important projects throughout South Carolina in the midst of a very competitive environment nationally for funds," said Senator DeMint. Aiken The City of Aiken will receive $403,750 for rehabilitation of the apron at Aiken Municipal Airport. Allendale Allendale County will receive $150,000 to install taxiway lighting at Allendale County Airport. Charleston Charleston County Aviation Authority will receive $3.8 million for apron expansion at Charleston Executive Airport, $2 million for improvements to the access road at Charleston AFB/International, and $1,391,750 replace runway and taxiway lighting, and expand the aircraft parking apron at East Cooper Airport. Columbia The Richland/Lexington Airport Commission will receive $3,045,424 for apron rehabilitation at Columbia Metropolitan Airport. Richland County will receive $150,000 to help pay for the construction of a new terminal at Columbia Owens Downtown Airport. Darlington Darlington County will receive $92,245 to rehabilitate a runway and design an expansion to the existing apron at the Darlington County Jetport. Greenville The City of Greenville will receive $775,000 for apron rehabilitation at Greenville Downtown Airport. Greenwood Greenwood County will receive $150,000 for hangar construction at Greenwood County Airport. Hartsville Hartsville will receive $110,675 to install perimeter fencing at Hartsville Regional Airport. Horry Horry County will receive $384,500 to acquire land within and adjacent to the runway protection zone and to remove obstructions from the approach path at Twin City Airport. Kershaw Kershaw County will receive $811,300 for taxiway construction at Woodward Field. Lee Lee County will receive $184,557 for runway extension at Lee County Airport. Marlboro Marlboro County will receive $213,750 to install taxiway lighting and design a taxiway rehabilitation plan at Marlboro County Jetport. Saluda Saluda County will receive $150,000 to install new runway lighting and remove obstructions from the approach path at Saluda County Airport. Walterboro Walterboro will receive $142,073 to design a new taxiway at Lowcountry Regional Airport. ####

Feb 17 2006

WASHINGTON -- Minutes before noon today, the U.S. Senate unanimously confirmed Reginald “Reggie” Lloyd to serve as U.S. Attorney for South Carolina. U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) made this statement following the confirmation vote. “With the Senate’s approval of Reggie Lloyd’s nomination, South Carolina will now have a permanent U.S. Attorney. The role of the U.S. Attorney is to vigorously enforce the laws of the land and protect our nation from foreign and domestic threats. “Reggie possesses both the character and legal experience necessary for this most important job. His experience as a judge and private attorney make him uniquely qualified. All South Carolinians should take pride in the fact we have someone of tremendous integrity, character, and experience serving in this position. I look forward to Reggie being sworn in and appreciate him for agreeing to serve our nation at this important time. “I also appreciate Majority Leader Bill Frist’s effort today to have Reggie confirmed on the last day before the President’s Day recess. Senator Frist went the extra mile to ensure his nomination would be approved.” #####

Feb 16 2006

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement on the Senate Judiciary Committee approving the nomination of Reggie Lloyd to serve as U.S. Attorney for South Carolina. “I’m very pleased the Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously supported Reggie for this important position. I expect him to be confirmed by the full Senate very soon. “Reggie has impeccable legal credentials and is respected by Democrats and Republicans in Washington and at home. He brings a wealth of experience in private practice and government to the position. “Reggie is an aggressive protector of public safety and I have a great deal of confidence in his talents and abilities. He’s fair -minded and will serve our state and nation with distinction. “Our U.S. Attorney will face unique challenges as we fight the War on Terror and I know he is the right man for the job.” #####

Feb 15 2006

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made the following statement in response to a question about Vice President Cheney’s recent hunting trip. “I have been hunting with Vice President Cheney on several occasions over the past few years and know him to be a skilled and safety-conscious hunter. “Unfortunately, hunting accidents occur, even among the most skilled hunters. The Vice President has accepted personal responsibility for this accident and I know this is something he deeply regrets. “Mr. Whittington and the Vice President have been friends for many years and I know Mr. Whittington’s personal privacy is a great concern to the Vice President. The Vice President knows the more he talks, the less privacy Mr. Whittington and his family will enjoy. “The constant second-guessing of what the Vice President should have said and when he should have said it is an unnecessary diversion from the many issues facing our nation.” #####

Feb 14 2006

WASHINGTON -- U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement on the US-China Trade Relations Top-to-Bottom Review. “I appreciate USTR and the Bush Administration’s willingness to aggressively engage China on a variety of issues that are creating tension. Whether it's currency manipulation, intellectual property theft, counterfeit goods or human rights abuses, China is going backward rather than forward. China needs to adopt human rights and economic policies that are consistent with the international community. “With well over one billion citizens, China can be a large market for American manufacturers to sell their products. However, if we are to realize the potential of this emerging market, we must have a comprehensive strategy to deal with China. This includes mechanisms to ensure that the Chinese play by the rules. “As a body, the Congress is growing more frustrated with China’s retreat from fair economic policies and human rights. I hope this new engagement strategy by the Bush Administration will prove beneficial to our nation.” #####

Feb 09 2006

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today announced he and Senator Byron Dorgan (D-North Dakota) will introduce a bill to revoke China’s Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) status. Since granting PNTR status in 2001, the U.S trade deficit with China has doubled to more than $200 billion last year. “This legislation is a reaction to the Chinese government’s economic and human rights policies that have only gotten worse – across the board – since they were given PNTR status,” said Graham. “On every front, China is marching backwards. They continue to violate normal business practices by manipulating their currency. They do not respect intellectual property to the detriment of the entrepreneurs of the world.” Graham noted the Chinese government forcing companies based in the United States to help restrict Internet access as a cost of doing business in the country as one further example of government oppression and economic manipulation. “The Chinese are policing Internet services provided by American companies and as a result of this practice, Chinese citizens have been jailed,” said Graham. “The tipping point was when the Chinese seized email and sentenced a reporter to ten years in prison. On all fronts, China is engaging in practices that could not reasonably be considered normal within the international community.” The Graham bill would require Congress to grant normal trade relations status to China on an annual basis. ####