To submit at FY23 at Congressional Directed Spending (CDS) request please complete the below subcommittee form. Note that accounts and requirements have changed from last year so read the instructions carefully. Incomplete requests will not be considered.


Agriculture Accounts Eligible:

  • Agricultural Research Service, Building and Facilities (ARS B&F)
  • Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) (S&E)
  • Watershed and Flood Prevention Operations (WFPO)
  • Rural Development, Community Facilities grants
  • Rural Development, Distance Learning, Telemedicine, and Broadband Program (DLT) grants

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Commerce, Justice, Science Accounts Eligible:

  • Department of Commerce; National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Scientific and Technical Research Services (STRS); External Projects
  • Department of Commerce; NIST; Construction of Research Facilities, Extramural Construction
  • Department of Commerce; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • (NOAA), Operations, Research, and Facilities (ORF), Special Projects
  • Department of Justice; Office on Justice Programs, State and Local Law, Enforcement Assistance; Byrne Discretionary
  • Department of Justice; Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), COPS Law, Enforcement Technology and Equipment
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration; Safety, Security and Mission Support

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Energy and Water Accounts Eligible:

  • Corps of Engineers: Investigations
  • Corps of Engineers: Construction
  • Corps of Engineers: Operation & Maintenance
  • Corps of Engineers: Mississippi Rivers & Tributaries: Investigations
  • Corps of Engineers: Mississippi Rivers & Tributaries: Construction
  • Corps of Engineers: Mississippi Rivers & Tributaries: Operation & Maintenance
  • Bureau of Reclamation: Water and Related Resources
  • Department of Energy: “Energy Projects” Account will include the following topic areas:
    • Renewable and Clean Energy projects
    • Electricity and Energy Resiliency projects
    • Cybersecurity and Energy Security projects
    • Nuclear Energy Projects
    • Fossil Energy or Carbon Management Projects

Apply for Energy and Water CDS consideration here

Financial Services Accounts Eligible:

  • Small Business Administration, Administrative Provision
  • National Archives and Records Administration, National Historical Publications and Records Commission
  • National Archives and Records Administration, Repair and Restoration
  • General Services Administration, Federal Buildings Fund, Construction and Acquisition
  • Office of National Drug Control Policy – Prevention Grants

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Homeland Security Accounts Eligible:

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency Pre-Disaster Mitigation Projects
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency Emergency Operations Center Grant Program

Apply for Homeland Security CDS consideration here

Interior Accounts Eligible:

  • CW: EPA, STAG, Clean Water SRF, Clean Water CDS
  • DW: EPA, STAG, Drinking Water SRF, Drinking Water CDS
  • SFC: IHS, Sanitation Facilities Construction, Sanitation Facilities Construction CDS
  • HPF: NPS, Historic Preservation Fund Projects
  • SPF: USFS, State and Private Forestry, Forest Resource Information and Analysis
  • LWCF: Great American Outdoors Act, Land and Water Conservation Fund
    • BLM, Land Acquisition
    • FWS, Land Acquisition
    • NPS, Land Acquisition
    • USFS, Land Acquisition
    • USFS, Forest Legacy
    • LRF: Great American Outdoors Act, Legacy Restoration Fund
      • BLM, Legacy Restoration Fund
      • FWS, Legacy Restoration Fund
      • NPS, Legacy Restoration Fund
      • BIE, Legacy Restoration Fund
      • USFS, Legacy Restoration Fund
  • LMCON: Land Management Agencies, Construction
    • BLM, Construction
    • FWS, Construction Projects, Line Item Construction
    • NPS, Construction, Line Item Construction and Maintenance
    • USFS, Capital Improvement and Maintenance, Facilities, Road and Trails
  • Land Management Agencies, Local Projects and Research
    • BLM, Management of Land and Resources, Habitat Management Priorities
    • NPS, National Recreation and Preservation, Statutory and Contractual Aid
    • FWS, Resource Management, Stewardship Priorities
    • USGS, Surveys Investigations and Research, Special Initiatives
  • BIA, Operation of Indian Programs, Special Initiatives
  • EPA, Science and Technology, Research: National Priorities
  • EPA, State and Tribal Assistance Grants, STAG Infrastructure Grants

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Labor, Health and Human Services Eligible Accounts:

  • Department of Labor—Employment and Training Administration—Training and Employment Services
  • Department of Health and Human Services—Health Resources and Services Administration—Program Management
  • Department of Health and Human Services—Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration—Health Surveillance and Program Support
  • Department of Health and Human Services—Administration for Children and Families—Children and Families Services Programs
  • Department of Health and Human Services—Administration for Community Living—Aging and Disability Services Programs
  • Department of Education— Innovation and Improvement—Fund for the Improvement of Education
  • Department of Education—Rehabilitation Services—Demonstration and Training
  • Department of Education—Higher Education—Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education

Apply for LHHS CDS consideration here

Military Construction, Veterans Affairs Eligible Accounts:

  • Military Construction, Army
  • Military Construction, Navy and Marine Corps
  • Military Construction, Air Force
  • Military Construction, Defense-Wide
  • Military Construction, Army National Guard
  • Military Construction, Air National Guard
  • Military Construction, Army Reserve
  • Military Construction, Navy Reserve
  • Military Construction, Air Force Reserve

Apply for MilConVA CDS consideration here

Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Eligible Accounts:

  • Transportation Planning, Research, and Development (TPR&D)
  • Grants-in-Aid for Airports (Airport Improvement Program or AIP)
  • Facilities and Equipment (F&E) for terminal air traffic control facility
  • replacement
  • Highway Infrastructure Program (HIP
  • Transit Infrastructure Grants (TIG)
  • Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvement (CRISI) Grants
  • Community Development Fund” for “Economic Development Initiatives (EDI)

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