Jun 29 2021

Graham to Request $12 Million for I-73 Right of Way Acquisition

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today said he will request $12 million for right-of-way acquisition to help in the construction and eventual completion of I-73.  When completed, I-73 will connect the Grand Strand area, one of the fastest-growing regions of the state, to I-95.

Graham will make the member-directed spending request to the Senate Appropriations Committee, a committee on which he serves. He noted additional funding requests will be publicly announced in the coming days and weeks.  This is the first year since 2010 that Members of Congress can request funding for projects which are also called ‘earmarks.’

“I am aggressively pursuing funding for I-73,” said Graham.  “I believe it is a critical infrastructure project for the Grand Strand and the state of South Carolina as a whole.  The Grand Strand is a cash cow for the state, and I am determined to help provide a better means of transportation for those traveling to and from this tourist destination.”

Graham noted the estimated cost of right-of-way acquisition is $15 million but requires a 20 percent non-federal match.  Local and state officials will be responsible for the remaining amount, $3 million.

“I believe it is important that elected officials have a say in how taxpayer money is spent on infrastructure and not rely on bureaucrats in Washington to protect South Carolina’s interests,” continued Graham.  “The $12 million will help move this project forward, and I am proud to request this much-needed funding.”

“The funding requests for member-directed spending items will be public record,” concluded Graham.  “Every person will be able to judge for themselves if these are worthwhile requests.  I believe I-73 certainly fits the bill and when completed, it will pay dividends for our state for years to come.”