Mar 17 2022

Graham: Putin Is Losing, A Desperate Man

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today joined John Roberts and Sandra Smith on Fox News to discuss the latest updates out of Ukraine.

  • GRAHAM: “[Putin] is losing. The Ukrainians are amazing to me, they're holding their own and then some. He wouldn’t be threatening his own people if they were with him. He wouldn't be asking for Syrian fighters to come in and supplement his army if they were winning. I think you see large amounts of casualties among the Russian military, you see low morale…The statement that Putin made yesterday is a statement of a loser – a desperate man.”
  • GRAHAM: “I'm not for a NATO no-fly zone yet, I'm not for American ground forces. But I am for increased capability in the hands of the Ukrainian military who are fighting like tigers, and we cannot let Putin determine what we do. So to my Democratic colleagues: I trust Zelensky more than I trust you. Give them the damn MiGs. We're the problem, not the Pols. Let's go all-in here.”
  • GRAHAM: “If he uses a tactical nuclear weapon inside Ukraine, I would consider that an Article Five breach because the radiation will flow outside Ukraine and it will pollute our neighboring NATO allies. So a nuclear explosion in Ukraine would affect the entire region’s NATO members, and I would consider that an Article Five event; an attack on NATO itself. If he uses chemical weapons, I would consider that a reason to change the no-fly status.”
  • GRAHAM: “The one thing I can tell you about Putin: when he hears that you're afraid of him, that you don't want to make him mad and you don't want to anger him, that's like a shot of steroids. What he fears, it's not a great speech by Zelensky – which was a great speech – but the Javelins, the Stingers, and the MiGs. When you punch him in the nose it’s the best way to deal with this guy. I'm telling you right now, that speech yesterday, along with the call for Syrian fighters to supplement his army, tells me that things are not going well for [Putin] and that Ukraine can win. The Biden Administration needs to embrace the thought that Ukraine can win.”

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