Nov 21 2009

Graham Opposes Dem Health Care Bill

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today said he will vote against cloture on the Democratic health care bill.  The vote is scheduled for 8:00 p.m. tonight. 


“This bill pretty much shovels dirt on the graves of the ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’ campaign slogans. 


“As a candidate, President Obama pledged to bring transparency to Washington.  Time and time again he said he would open up any negotiations over health care policy to C-Span cameras and the American people.  Unfortunately, as President, he and his allies have held health care meetings behind closed doors and in the middle of the night. 


“As a candidate, President Obama pledged to get away from the budget gimmickry Congress turned into an art form.  Unfortunately, as President, his health care plan contains accounting gimmicks that would make an Enron executive blush. 


“The plan raises 10 years worth of taxes and only provides 6 years worth of benefits.  And no one actually believes we will muster the courage to reduce Medicare spending by nearly $500 billion when we haven’t reduced Medicare spending by fifty cents. 


“Instead of proceeding to a flawed bill, we should stop and start over.  This process of writing a multi-trillion dollar bill in the dark of night brings back the worst of Washington.  The substance of the bill raises taxes during a recession, compromises individual health care choices, cuts Medicare to pay for the uninsured and will eventually explode the deficit – the combination of which will jeopardize the finest health care system in the world with out lowering costs.  


“President Obama’s promise to bring a new way of doing business to Washington has come crashing down.  Today we learned his new way of doing business is no different than the old.”