Jan 20 2004

Graham Reaction to the State of the Union Address

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made the following statements on President Bush’s State of the Union Address. On President Bush’s Discussion of Social Security and Personal Accounts for Younger Workers: “The President’s leadership on saving Social Security has been unprecedented. I applaud him for taking on this very important issue. “Social Security’s impending bankruptcy remains the biggest domestic issue facing the United States. President Bush understands that we can’t sit on the sidelines and simply watch Social Security go bankrupt. By establishing personal accounts within Social Security we can strengthen the system for future generations without harming current retirees or those nearing retirement. “Politicians in the past have committed political malpractice by allowing Social Security problems to get out of hand. The personal investment accounts discussed by President Bush would allow younger workers to get better rates of return on their Social Security taxes. This would help them create a nest egg for retirement and help save the system from future bankruptcy. “President Bush deserves a lot of credit for bringing this issue to the forefront of public debate. For too long, Social Security modernization has been an issue many politicians would rather ignore. He understands the problems are serious and the sooner we begin addressing them the better.” On President Bush’s Efforts to Win the War on Terror: “President Bush has a plan to keep America secure. The people who attacked us on 9-11 have either been captured, killed, or are on the run. Afghanistan, once a breeding ground for terrorists, is now an emerging democracy. Saddam Hussein, a ruthless dictator who defied the United Nations and the international community for a dozen years, is now behind bars awaiting trail. We are making progress in winning the war on terror and we must continue to show strength and resolve.” On President Bush’s Tax Relief Efforts Stimulating the Economy: “When I speak with business leaders and families in South Carolina, one thing is very clear -- the tax cuts President Bush signed into law were necessary to help rejuvenate the economy. By reducing the tax burden, we’ve been able to expand our economy and lower costs on families providing for their basic needs. “The $1,000 per-child tax credit, lower capital gains taxes, and lower tax rates across the board are all very popular initiatives and have played a role in helping the economy rebound. President Bush was right in pushing his tax cut through Congress and the economy will continue to progress as long as we keep the tax burden low.” #####