Feb 07 2019

Judiciary Committee Approves William Barr’s Nomination to be Attorney General

WASHINGTON – Today Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) released this statement on the Committee’s vote to approve William Pelham Barr, President Trump’s nominee for the Attorney General of the United States. Barr’s nomination was advanced by the committee by a vote of 12-10.

The full Senate must now consider Barr’s nomination. Confirmation requires a simple majority vote.

“I’m very pleased William Barr was reported out of the Senate Judiciary Committee to serve as our next Attorney General. 

“Mr. Barr is one of the most well qualified individuals in the country to serve as Attorney General as he has held the job in the past.  He has served honorably and I expect he will be a steady hand at the Department of Justice.

“Finally, I expect Mr. Barr will bring about the needed and necessary reform to get the Department of Justice on track.  I strongly support his nomination and look forward to the Senate confirming him to this important position,” said Graham.