Oct 01 2012

Statement on WARN ACT

WASHINGTON U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement on the Obama Administration’s guidance encouraging employers not to issue WARN Act notices before the election.


“In 2007, Senator Obama wanted to extend the WARN ACT notices to 90 days, up from 60, to ensure workers were treated fairly.  Now, President Obama is trying to suppress the issuance of WARN notices, which will hit mailboxes right before the election.  The Obama Administration’s legal advice is dubious at best.


“This is typical Barack Obama politics – being supportive of the WARN Act when convenient and against it when it creates political downside.  This is the most outcome-based White House in memory.


“The WARN ACT is crystal clear when it comes to defense contractors having to issue notices of impending layoffs as a result of sequestration.  I hope defense contractors will follow the law and warn their employees about the devastating impact of sequestration.


“Sequestration is the law of the land and clearly calls for devastating defense cuts.  The hundreds of thousands of workers affected by these cuts should be made aware immediately.