Apr 18 2013

Graham Votes Against Gun Control

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made these statements on his votes on gun violence legislation in the United States Senate today.


“President Obama wanted three things on gun control -- ban assault weapons, limit magazine sizes, and expand background checks. He lost on all three.


“I’ve always been confident if the Senate debated the Second Amendment, the Second Amendment would win.  Today we saw that President Obama’s politically-driven solutions to gun violence could not withstand scrutiny from Congress and the American people.  Substance won out over the unsound solutions President Obama and others were pushing.


“I’m very pleased the Senate took up, debated, and voted on gun violence legislation.  I was always ready and willing to vote in support of what I believe.”   


Graham on Senate Amendments:


  • Graham Voted Against the Manchin-Toomey Background Check Amendment (Failed 54-46, required 60 votes)

“No matter how well-intentioned, the Manchin-Toomey amendment expanded background checks in an unwise way.  The internet provisions would have been burdensome and difficult for citizens to comply with.  In addition, it contained provisions making advertising a firearm in a community or church bulletin subject to the same processes as if buying from a licensed dealer.”


  • Introduced and Voted in Support of the Grassley-Cruz-Graham Substitute Amendment  (Failed 52-48, required 60 votes)

“I was very proud the Grassley-Cruz-Graham amendment received a majority vote.  I hope the House of Representatives will take up this bipartisan legislation which focuses on ensuring people like Alice Boland are in the National Instant Criminal Background (NICS) system.  The legislation included important provisions for school resource officers.  It holds the Department of Justice accountable for the gun laws they have not enforced.  It was supported by the National Rifle Association and provided real-world practical solutions to the problem of gun violence.  I strongly encourage the U.S. House of Representatives to take up and pass our legislation.”


  • Graham Voted Against the Feinstein Amendment Banning Assault Weapons (Failed 40-60, required 60 votes)

“The assault weapons ban didn’t work in the 1990’s and it won’t work now.  I, along with millions of other Americans, own an AR-15.  Only a fraction of the murders committed in the country involve any type of rifle and the Feinstein assault weapons ban does not address the real problems of gun violence.”


  • Graham Voted in Support of the Cornyn National Conceal-Carry Reciprocity Legislation (Failed 57-43, required 60 votes)

“I voted for this amendment because it would allow a person with a valid state-issued concealed firearm permit to carry in other states that do not prohibit concealed carry.”


  • Graham Voted Against the Lautenberg-Blumenthal Amendment Limiting Magazine Size (Failed 46-54, required 60 votes)

One bullet in the hands of a homicidal maniac is one too many.  But in the case of a young mother defending her children against a home invader -- a real-life event which recently occurred near Atlanta -- six bullets may not be enough.  Criminals aren’t going to follow legislation limiting magazine capacity.  However, a limit could put law-abiding citizens at a distinct disadvantage when confronting a criminal.”