Jun 28 2005

Statement from Lindsey Graham on President Bush's Address to the Nation

WASHINGTON-- U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) made the following statement: "I believe President Bush made a very persuasive and much-needed case the war in Iraq is indeed part of the global War on Terror. I, too, believe the outcome in Iraq directy affects our national security. "President Bush reminded us, in graphic terms, about the nature of our ruthless enemy whose biggest fear is an emerging democracy in the Middle East. He identified the goal of the terrorists as being that of killing an idea called democracy. And he's correct when he notes the terrorists show no mercy for anyone -- man, woman, or child -- that embraces democracy. "We must give the Iraqi people the chance to achieve the capacity to defend their own freedom and create a new political landscape in the Middle East. "The President is absolutely right to argue a successful outcome in Iraq helps ensure our freedom and security for years to come. In addition, I agree with him that we should not establish an artificial time frame for withdrawal of American troops as it would be counter-productice to our efforts." ####