Jun 07 2017

Graham To President Trump: "I Don't Think You Did Anything Wrong. Don't Get In The Way of an Investigation That Could Actually Clear You

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) discussed the latest news on Fox News’ Special Report with Bret Baier.   

On Obamacare:

  • GRAHAM: “Well, here’s the deal. Not one Democrat wants to help us [the Republicans] replace Obamacare… Here’s my concern: I don’t know if with 50 votes – using reconciliation – we can fully repeal and replace Obamacare. As a matter of fact, I don’t think we can. We can make a substantial down payment on change, but here’s what I would do. They created this mess. It’s collapsing before us all. As Republicans, let it collapse. Go to the Democrats and say we told you so, now help us replace it.” https://youtu.be/_9sMU9G6kxo?t=3m22s
  •  GRAHAM: “They created this mess, Bret, not us. We told them it would collapse. So Mr. President, don’t own something that you don’t have to own.” https://youtu.be/_9sMU9G6kxo?t=5m51s


On Attorney General Jeff Sessions:

  • BAIER: “Today the [White House] Press Secretary didn’t answer the question, said he did not have the discussion with the president on whether he had full support for the attorney general. Do you know whether he does?”

             GRAHAM: “I don’t know, but he should. Jeff Sessions is a good man, Mr. President. He had to recuse himself. I know you’re not a                 lawyer, there was no way Jeff Sessions could continue to preside over this investigation given the role he played in the campaign. He               did the right thing. He is a good man.” https://youtu.be/_9sMU9G6kxo?t=7m


On the fight against ISIL:

  • GRAHAM: “I appreciate President [Trump] unleashing the military, giving more capability to our commanders… He’s actually giving the military the chance to do some things in Mosul and Raqqa we haven’t been able to do before.”  https://youtu.be/_9sMU9G6kxo?t=1m32s


On former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee:

  • BAIER: “It seems like it’s the Super Bowl in Washington. Thursday morning’s Jim Comey testimony – what do you expect?

             GRAHAM: “A high school game. I expect that he’s not going to say the president obstructed justice. If he [the president] did, why would           you continue to work for a man who you thought obstructed justice?” https://youtu.be/_9sMU9G6kxo?t=6m

  • GRAHAM: “He [Comey] should answer this question: is the president a target or subject of a criminal investigation? I don’t believe the President of the United States is a target or subject of an investigation regarding collusion between him and the Russians. And I think the [former] FBI Director owes an answer to that question to the country.” https://youtu.be/_9sMU9G6kxo?t=6m41s    
  • GRAHAM: “You need to listen to your lawyers, Mr. President. I am trying to help you, but every time you tweet it makes it harder on all of us who are trying to help you. I don’t think you did anything wrong. Don’t get in the way of an investigation that could actually clear you.” https://youtu.be/_9sMU9G6kxo?t=7m25s