Apr 03 2003

Aiken Benefits from Latest Funding Installment for Bradley Fighting Vehicle

WASHINGTON -- U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) announced today the Department of Defense has released nearly $200 million in payments to United Defense for production of 35 M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles and 103 M3A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles. United Defense has a production site in Aiken and the share of funding for the local plant is expected to be approximately $10 million. The Aiken facility produces various components for the Bradley and other military tracked vehicles. “The employees of United Defense are helping to win the war against terrorism,” Graham said. “It’s great to see Aiken County and South Carolina playing a vital role in supporting our armed services and men and women in uniform.” The current $200 million installment is part of a $765.5 million contract the federal government signed with United Defense in January 2001. The M2A3 is used by infantry units to transport infantry on the battlefield, to provide cover to troops, and suppress enemy fighting vehicles. The M3A3 is used for scout missions by cavalry units.