Sep 26 2019

Graham Reacts to Whistleblower Complaint

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made these statements in response to the release of the declassified Trump whistleblower complaint.

“As to the whistleblower complaint – the transcript speaks for itself – no quid pro quo.  The Democrats bought a pig in a poke.

“It is imperative we find out which White House official talked to the whistleblower and why.  Why didn’t they lodge the complaint? 

“As to the other matters in complaint: Clearly a coordinated effort to take second-hand information to create a narrative damaging to the President. 

“When I think of whistleblower complaints I generally think of someone with first-hand knowledge of the events in question. 

“As to the House of Representatives:  If you believe this complaint has put the public in grave danger, don’t you have an obligation to vote to launch an impeachment inquiry?  Americans deserve to see where you stand and evaluate your judgement. 

“In 1998, the House of Representatives – one month before a general election – voted to authorize an impeachment inquiry of President Clinton.  It was bipartisan and received support from 31 Democrats.  We voted then and House Democrats should vote now to start an impeachment inquiry.”