Oct 16 2017

Graham: GOP Must Deliver On Tax Reform, Health Care

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today discussed tax reform, the Iran Deal and the Republican Party on Fox News.

On tax reform:

  • GRAHAM: “If we can’t deliver on cutting taxes, what good are we to the country? And if we can’t repeal and replace Obamacare, then you know, why have us up here [in Congress]? …The Republicans in Congress – we’ve got to get our act together or we’re all going to lose.” https://youtu.be/GRIrMh7RjoY?t=1m2s
  • GRAHAM: “I believe a tax cut is absolutely essential to grow the economy. And I’m hopeful we can pass the budget this week that will allow us to cut taxes later in the fall.” https://youtu.be/GRIrMh7RjoY?t=2m11s 
  • GRAHAM: “This tax cut is good for the economy. It’s good for working people. We double the standard deduction. We lower the corporate rate so [businesses] don’t have to leave America because of high corporate taxes. We’re trying to streamline the tax code… I’m hoping we can find a handful of Democrats to buy into the idea that a tax cut is good for America.” https://youtu.be/GRIrMh7RjoY?t=3m44s

On the Iran Deal:

  • GRAHAM: “I’m really pleased that President Trump is delivering on a campaign promise to get a better deal. Decertifying is the first step.” https://youtu.be/GRIrMh7RjoY?t=4m38s 
  • GRAHAM: “I cannot believe that we have a deal where the Iranians decide where we go to inspect. I can’t believe we didn’t connect the regime’s behavior to the deal. They’re toppling four Arab capitals as we speak. They’re now sponsoring attacks on the Kurds in Iraq. And at the end of fifteen years, this deal allows Iran to march toward a bomb without any limitation.” https://youtu.be/GRIrMh7RjoY?t=6m21s 
  • GRAHAM: “The President is right to try to get a better deal. Congress, I hope, will back him up. Because the Arabs and the Israelis who live in the region are speaking with one voice here. How often do you hear the Arabs and the Israelis saying the same thing?” https://youtu.be/GRIrMh7RjoY?t=6m45s 

On the Republican Party:

  • GRAHAM: “If we don’t deliver, we’re going to disintegrate as a party. We’ve got to deliver on health care. We’ve got to deliver on taxes. If we don’t, we’ll disintegrate as a party and we’ll have nobody to blame but ourselves.” https://youtu.be/GRIrMh7RjoY?t=7m49s