Jun 12 2003

South Carolina State University Receives Grant for Nuclear Research Engineering

WASHINGTON -- United States Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today announced the U.S. Department of Energy has awarded South Carolina State University (SCSU) the first installment of a five-year, $225,000 grant to support nuclear engineering. The first installment of $45,000, and all future installments expected to be of a similar amount, will have to be matched with private funds. “South Carolina is a leader in nuclear technology and nuclear power,” said Graham. “We’re fortunate to have the crown jewel of the Department of Energy located in our state, the Savannah River Site. We’re also one of the most pro-nuclear states in the union with seven nuclear reactors producing electricity.” The funds will be used to assist both graduate and undergraduate students in the nuclear engineering field by purchasing personal computers and nuclear engineering software. Funds can also be used for tests and experiments in the nuclear engineering field. “If we’re serious about reducing our dependence on foreign oil, nuclear energy is the best alternative,” said Graham. “It’s one of the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly energy producing options available.”