Jul 27 2015


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WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement on Turkey and the fight against ISIL.

“Turkey’s decision to assist the fight against ISIL is a step in the right direction. The establishment of a humanitarian zone is consistent with what I have been advocating for in Syria for over three years.

“However, if reports that Turkey has bombed Kurdish-held villages in Syria are true, the President’s feckless approach to fighting ISIL is again showing its consequences. One of my biggest fears is that the President’s mishandling of Syria would ignite regional tensions and expand the conflict. A conflict between Turkey and the Kurds only benefits ISIL and Assad and further plunges the region into chaos. This ultimately compromises our national security.


“I urge the president to come up with a regional coordinated strategy that would decisively deal with both ISIL and Assad to stop the bloodletting in Syria. Our ineffective approach to Syria and Iraq continues to throw the region into chaos and is creating the perfect launching pad for an attack on the United States.”