Apr 02 2003

Marion County Company to Help Feed American Troops

WASHINGTON -- They may be thousands of miles away from the front lines in the war on terrorism, but a Mullins company will play a big role in the war and subsequent rebuilding efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today announced SOPAKCO Packaging of Mullins has been awarded a $44.9 million contract from the Department of Defense. The contract requires the company to manufacture meals ready-to-eat (MRE) for America’s servicemen and women. In addition the company will now supply humanitarian daily rations (HDR) to the liberated citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan. Both countries have been plagued by oppressive governments and food shortages. The contract runs through December 31, 2003. “SOPAKCO is feeding our troops who are winning the war on terrorism and now they’re going to help feed the starving women and children of Iraq,” said Graham, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. “As President Bush has said, the day of liberation for the people of Iraq is near. The tyrant is almost gone. “South Carolina has played an important role in the war on terrorism,” said Graham. “We’re a very patriotic group and this is another example of our state and a local community doing their part.” This is the second time this year SOPAKCO has been called on to support the war effort. Last month, the Defense Logistics Agency awarded the company an $18 million contract extension to provide 420,000 MREs. That contract will expire May 30, 2003.