Oct 05 2017

Graham: Pro-Life Debate Is "Worthy Of A Great Nation"

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today was joined by Senate colleagues and pro-life leaders to formally introduce the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act at a press conference.

  • GRAHAM: “What we’re trying to accomplish here is to get America out of a club of seven nations that I particularly don’t want to be in.” https://youtu.be/kmeYVjzdPRU?t=12m43s  
  • GRAHAM: “We’re going to take it [the Pain-Capable bill] up in the Senate. I can assure every pro-life group out there this will be on the floor of the Senate sooner rather than later. [This is a] debate worthy of a great nation.” https://youtu.be/kmeYVjzdPRU?t=14m28s
  • GRAHAM: “So my view is the best way to protect the pro-life issue and to pass this bill is to build consensus and get 60 votes – not turn the Senate into the House [by doing away with the filibuster].” https://youtu.be/kmeYVjzdPRU?t=26m42s
  • GRAHAM: “I look forward to a debate that will make us a better people that will result over time in protecting a child in the fifth month [of gestation.]”  https://youtu.be/kmeYVjzdPRU?t=31m47s