Sep 08 2014

Graham Statement on Cease-Fire Between Russia and Ukraine

WASHINGTON - U.S Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement on the Russia-Ukraine cease-fire and President Obama's assertion that the cease-fire is a result of applied and future sanctions.

"President Obama is wrong to say the cease-fire is a result of crippling sanctions and the threat of future sanctions.

"Mr. President, make no mistake the cease-fire is a result of the Ukrainians being overwhelmed by Russian forces and abandoned by your administration. This type of political spin, or simple lack of understanding of how real-world situations unfold, is President Obama's biggest problem when it comes to inspiring confidence in his foreign policy.

"The Obama Administration would not provide the Ukrainian government the weapons it needed to continue the fight. The Ukrainian military went from winning to being outmatched in a matter of days by the Russian invasion.

"Unfortunately, the Obama Administration and our NATO allies sold Ukraine out. Putin is winning, we are losing."