Jan 31 2006

Graham Statement on Senate Confirmation of Justice Alito to the Supreme Court

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) made this statement after Justice Samuel Alito was confirmed to the Supreme Court. Graham supported the nomination in the Senate Judiciary Committee and on the floor of the Senate. The vote today was 58-42 in support of Justice Alito. “It is a great day for the Supreme Court and a great day for the country. “Justice Alito is one of the most qualified nominees to ever come before the Senate. He is very much a mainstream conservative and will serve on the Supreme Court with distinction. His conservative judicial philosophy will have an impact on the Court for decades to come. “Justice Alito has fifteen years of judicial experience on the federal bench and has received rave reviews from every corner of the legal community. The American Bar Association rated him unanimously as well-qualified, their highest rating for a position on the Supreme Court. People who work with him, even those who disagree with him, say he is a kind, decent man who is a judge’s judge. “President Bush chose well when he nominated Justice Alito for this important position. I’m very pleased the Senate has now confirmed him to a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court.” ######