Jul 11 2007

Graham Meets with President Bush to Discuss Iraq

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today traveled to the White House to meet with President Bush and discuss the current situation in Iraq .  He made this statement after the Oval Office meeting.



“I appreciate the opportunity to meet with President Bush and brief him on my recent visit to Iraq



“President Bush remains firm in his belief that we must give General Petraeus and our troops time to carry out the new strategy.  He understands the new strategy has already greatly diminished Al Qaeda in Iraq .  The military progress is undeniable, even if the Iraqi political reconciliation efforts have not been as successful. 



“General Petraeus is making great progress in crushing Al Qaeda in Iraq .  Al Qaeda overplayed their hand by engaging in incredible acts of brutality and barbarism against Iraqis living under their control.  In turn, Iraqis are breaking free from them and joining forces with us.  The only thing that would allow Al Qaeda in Iraq to make a comeback would be to prematurely stop the surge.


"The defeat of Al Qaeda in Iraq should be our Number 1 priority.  It will lead to a more stable Iraq and a safer world.”