Jan 31 2017

Graham Supports Jeff Sessions For Attorney General

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today reiterated his strong support for Senator Jeff Sessions during a Senate Judiciary Committee markup to consider his nomination to be the U.S. Attorney General.

  • GRAHAM: “The fact that [Senator Sessions] is close to the president doesn’t disqualify him at all. It makes perfect sense that somebody who’s going to be President of the United States would pick somebody they know, they trust and [somebody who] shares their world view.” https://youtu.be/WEBHaLiI0RQ?t=2m38s
  • GRAHAM: “One of the main reasons I support Jeff is that I am tired of turning the War on Terror into a [simple] crime… The son in law of bin Laden… was put on a Navy ship for a couple of weeks, sent to New York and read his Miranda Rights within two or three weeks of capture, not held as an enemy combatant, and given a life sentence… If we catch enemy combatants in the future – high-level al Qaeda operatives –we’re not going to read them their Miranda Rights, but we’re going to hold them under the law of war, interrogate them consistent with the laws of the land and the Geneva Convention, and try to get intelligence to prevent the next attack. To my friends on the other side, the world is on fire, and somebody needs to come along and change our legal system so we can better defend ourselves. Only God knows how much intelligence we’ve lost in the last four years for an insane policy that treats an al Qaeda terrorist like somebody who stole your car." https://youtu.be/WEBHaLiI0RQ?t=2m54s
  • GRAHAM: “If anybody deserves to be called a modern hero, it is John Lewis. He literally risked his life to stand up against oppression in a time when a lot of people were not. That’s something he should be proud of and we should all revere [him]. But he came before the committee and made a pretty damning indictment of Senator Sessions. So here’s what I would ask my colleagues to do: look underneath some of these criticisms and see what you find.” https://youtu.be/WEBHaLiI0RQ?t=6m14s