Jun 07 2018

Graham Statement on New Army Corps Funding For Charleston Harbor Deepening

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement after the Army Corps of Engineers announced they would include approximately $50 million in funding in their FY 2018 Work Plan in support of the Charleston Harbor Deepening project. 

Graham has been a leader in pushing Charleston Harbor deepening forward and has worked to secure the necessary funding and authorizations to keep the project on track.  A deepened Charleston Harbor will help preserve South Carolina’s role as a leader in international manufacturing and also makes the state attractive to businesses seeking additional investment opportunities. 

“I’m very appreciative of the Trump Administration’s decision to dedicate nearly $50 million to deepen Charleston Harbor. When it comes to the Port of Charleston, President Trump listened and delivered.  OMB Director Mick Mulvaney was invaluable in making the case for the needs of Charleston.

 “This is great news for the Port of Charleston and the state of South Carolina.  Charleston Harbor deepening is about jobs – both today and in the future.  With this news we are one step closer to having the most dynamic port in the United States. 

“The nearly $50 million in the Army Corps’ work plan allows construction to go forward without delay and keeps the project on track.  And when it comes to Charleston Harbor deepening – and the needs and demands of international shipping – time is money. 

“It’s long been my belief that the sooner we get this project done, the better.  It remains a top priority for me and will continue to be so until it is complete.    

 “I also want to thank the congressional delegation – particularly my friend and colleague Tim Scott -- for their unified efforts in support of the Port and Governor McMaster’s strong and effective voice.  I also very much appreciate the support of South Carolina State Senator Hugh Leatherman and the entire South Carolina State Legislature. 

“Charleston Harbor deepening has been a team effort.  I think we all understand this is a long term investment which will benefit South Carolina and American business in perpetuity.”