Apr 06 2019

Statement on the Passing of Senator Hollings

WASHINGTON — U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement on the passing of former U.S. Senator Ernest ‘Fritz’ Hollings.

Graham said:

“By any measure Senator Hollings led one of the most incredible and consequential lives of any member of the Greatest Generation.  Like so many Citadel graduates, he served in combat in World War II and was willing to die for his country.

“With his passing, South Carolina has lost one of her greatest champions and most effective political leaders. 

“Fritz was a giant of a man who was often called the ‘senator from central casting.’

“He was the father of South Carolina’s technical school system, which is the envy of the nation.  He led our state through the travails of the civil rights movement with dignity and went on to become one of the most effective senators to ever serve.

“When it came to South Carolina, Fritz could move mountains in the Senate and was a thought leader in the areas of commerce, appropriations, and defense. 

“As the junior senator from South Carolina, he welcomed me to the Senate and helped me get established.  And until his dying day, Fritz Hollings was always advocating and urging for policies that would make our country strong. 

“When it comes to Senator Hollings, they broke the mold.”