Jul 24 2018

Graham Speaks At CUFI Summit 2018

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today delivered remarks at the Christians United For Israel (CUFI) Summit 2018. Senator Graham is a steadfast supporter of Israel and authored the Taylor Force Act, which became law earlier this year and ended American taxpayer dollars going to the Palestinian Authority. Senator Graham was joined on stage by Taylor Force’s parents, Stuart and Robbi, who live in South Carolina.

“Senator Graham is a champion in the Senate for Israel and CUFI’s legislative priorities. We thank him for his participation in the Summit today, and know he will continue to be a strong voice for Israel and her people. Senator Graham is a long-standing friend of CUFI, and the Summit, and I know our relationship will only continue to grow as the years progress,” said Pastor John Hagee, Founder and National Chairman of Christians United for Israel.

On the Taylor Force Act becoming law and next steps:

  • GRAHAM: “This young man’s [Taylor Force’s] death did more to focus on the problem [of Pay to Slay] than any single event since I’ve been up here for over 20 years.” https://youtu.be/HA95MQZrQ_w?t=4m47s
  • GRAHAM: “The Taylor Force family took this tragedy and turned it into something positive. They met so many members of the Senate. How would you like to meet those two and tell them, ‘No I’m not going to support this legislation?’ You can’t.” https://youtu.be/HA95MQZrQ_w?t=6m
  • GRAHAM: “Now, the Palestinians have gotten the wrong message. They’ve become very defiant in the face of the Taylor Force Act. They’ve actually increased the payments to people who engage in terrorism. So what will I do next? I’m going to introduce round two of [the Taylor Force Act] and I’ll need your help to punish the ministers who actually carry out the new Palestinian law that incentivizes more that the young people commit terrorism, not less…We’re going to consider [the ministers] agents of terrorism. We’re going to name names. And they will listen.” https://youtu.be/HA95MQZrQ_w?t=8m5s

On Iran:

  • GRAHAM: “When you [the Iranian regime] write ‘death to Israel’ on a missile, that’s pretty clear to me what you’re trying to tell the world.” https://youtu.be/HA95MQZrQ_w?t=11m35s
  • GRAHAM: “Now we’ve got a new way of doing business. We’ve got a new sheriff in town… Donald Trump, you’ve got it right when it comes to Iran. Obama, you got it wrong. And we’re going to do things different.” https://youtu.be/HA95MQZrQ_w?t=12m4s