Sep 25 2018

Graham Statement On President Trump's United Nations Speech

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement on President Trump’s address before the United Nationals General Assembly. 

“President Trump gave a well-delivered and well-thought out speech before the United Nations General Assembly today.  The President let the entire world know that America believes in democracy and freedom for all – with respect to differences in culture and aspirations that come from self-governance.

“The President is right to insist that the U.S. invest more into U.N. programs that produce more results and invest less into programs that have failed.  In addition, I strongly agree that sanctions on North Korea should remain in place until denuclearization is achieved, and that the Iranian regime represents a cancer in the Middle East. 

“Further, I appreciate President Trump making clear that we will continue to work with our allies and have the courage of our convictions to go our own way in protecting our national security interests.  Nowhere is that policy more clear than in withdrawing from the failing Iranian nuclear deal and addressing the threat posed by the Iranian regime.   

“Finally, I agree with President Trump that a strong, vibrant America – which is respectful of other nations and the differences in culture – is mankind’s best hope for freedom and prosperity.”