Apr 23 2024

Graham Votes In Favor Of House-Passed National Security Supplemental

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today voted in favor of the House of Representatives-authored national security supplemental, which provides aid to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan. It passed both the House and the U.S. Senate on an overwhelmingly bipartisan basis.

Graham discussed the legislation on the Senate floor earlier today and made this statement following the vote.

“The United States Senate overwhelmingly approved necessary and vital aid to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan. There is no doubt that President Trump’s support for turning portions of this aid into a loan was a game-changer for getting this across the finish line.

“Our friends in Israel are facing unprecedented threats and tonight we rose to the occasion. As Jewish people around the world celebrate Passover – I believe this aid package could not have been better-timed.

“Across the globe, Ukraine is fighting bravely against the Russian invaders and needs weapons to finish the job.

“It’s a bad night for Putin, the Iranian Ayatollah and the Chinese Communist Party.

“Finally, tonight is not only a great night for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan, but for America. This package allows sovereign Russian assets to be seized and turns a portion of the aid into a loan, easing the burden on taxpayers and giving us leverage in the future.”

On the legislation lacking border security provisions:

  • GRAHAM: “I voted no [on the Senate bill earlier this year because] the border security provisions [were] sort of inadequate to the task on parole and a few other things. My hope was…we could negotiate a stronger border security package [with the House]. That did not happen.” https://youtu.be/C59PXJXnF_w?si=p5imAnB8E8_AVxtq&t=31

Click here to watch Graham’s remarks