Aug 24 2017

Graham Talks Latest News With Hugh Hewitt

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today spoke with Hugh Hewitt about health care, Afghanistan, and cable TV.

On health care:

  • GRAHAM: “The President’s frustrated. I’ve been on your show, and this block grant approach [Graham-Cassidy-Heller] is taking off like you would not believe. We had a great meeting yesterday. I think we’re going to pull a rabbit out of a hat on health care reform.  But the President is frustrated. For seven years, we promised to repeal and replace. You just can’t move on and say all right, well, we tried our best when we have not.”

On Afghanistan:

  • GRAHAM: “It was an excellent speech. He made a wise choice. He followed the generals’ advice to turn around a war we can’t afford to lose.”

On President Trump and cable TV:

  • GRAHAM: “So here’s what I would tell the President. Stop watching cable TV. Nobody else watches it… And I said Mr. President, you’re watching MSNBC at 11:00 [p.m.] If you stop watching it, their audience goes down by half.”
  • GRAHAM: “Quit watching this junk. Who cares what, you know, Don Lemon’s a fine fellow, but he’s paid to be, their audience wants to hear Don Lemon say something bad about Trump. People watch Fox who will say something good about Trump. If you watch MSNBC, let me tell you why I hate Trump more than you do. It’s all a game. It’s all about ratings. It’s all about making money. It’s all about, you know, people feeling, you know, like they have something in common with somebody, this validation of feelings. Stop watching cable TV, and you know, come up with an agenda and stick to it.”