Apr 11 2019

Graham Honors Senator Hollings

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today spoke on the Senate floor to honor Senator Ernest “Fritz” Hollings. Along with Senator Tim Scott, the South Carolina Senator authored a Senate Resolution (S.Res.155), which passed unanimously, recognizing Senator Hollings’ legacy.

  • GRAHAM: “Nobody enjoyed their job more than Senator Hollings.  Nobody was ever better at it, and when it came to South Carolina, Senator Hollings was able to move mountains.” https://youtu.be/s13zUUsBvDE?t=151
  • GRAHAM: “He knew what he was talking about.  He was prepared.  He was a fighter for his causes.  He was willing to die for his country, and now he has passed and the legacy for the people of South Carolina will be enduring. Our beaches, our oceans, our mountains, and our rivers are better off for his service. Our educational system stands out on the technical school side because of his vision. He shepherded us through very turbulent times during the Civil Rights Movement while other states were literally on fire. South Carolina had problems, but they paled in comparison to most because of Senator Hollings’ leadership.” https://youtu.be/s13zUUsBvDE?t=303
  • GRAHAM: “The Senator Hollings way was to fight for your causes, work across the aisle, know what you’re talking about before you speak, and try to do it with good humor. What more can you say? From the time he was a young man in Charleston until he passed away on April 6th, he was always fighting for his causes, he loved his state, and he delivered for the people of South Carolina.”  https://youtu.be/s13zUUsBvDE?t=365
  • GRAHAM: “The way we do our job matters as much as what you do. And let it be said that when it came to doing his job, Fritz Hollings did it professionally, effectively, and with love and passion.” https://youtu.be/s13zUUsBvDE?t=451

Click here to watch Graham’s full remarks


The full text of S.Res.155 can be found here.