Mar 29 2007

Graham Votes against Iraq Troop Withdrawal Legislation

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) made this statement after the Senate vote on legislation to withdraw American troops from Iraq. "This bill is a national disgrace. "The legislation sets withdrawal dates which tell our enemy exactly when we're leaving and how long they have to wait us out to win in Iraq. It also spends more than $20 billion on projects completely unrelated to the military and efforts to win the War on Terror. "Timelines for withdrawal are a death blow to our chances for success in Iraq. They freeze the political and economic reconciliation among Iraqis. They are a death sentence for Iraqi moderates trying to bring peace and stability to their country. As for our troops, those who are left to serve waiting for the withdrawal day to come will be risking their lives without purpose. It is an untenable position to put them in. "Is it really a national emergency critical to winning the War on Terror for the cities hosting the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention in 2008 to receive matching $50 million grants? Is there even a remote correlation between fighting the War on Terror and $24 million slated for sugar beet growers? What about $20 million for reimbursements of insect damage in Nevada or $13 million for ewe-lamb replacement and retention? "The President is right to veto this legislation and I look forward to sustaining his veto." #####