May 10 2024

In Case You Missed It: The Wall Street Journal Editorial: Striking Back At Biden's Arms Embargo Against Israel

Striking Back at Biden’s Arms Embargo Against Israel

By The Editorial Board

The Wall Street Journal

May 9, 2024

Democrats hammered Republicans for months to pass U.S. military aid for America’s friends abroad. Now only weeks after the bill passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, President Biden is holding up the weapons Israel needs to prevail in a war for survival. So credit to the Republicans lining up against Mr. Biden’s weapons embargo.

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham on Thursday rolled out a measure condemning the Administration’s decision to halt weapons deliveries to Israel. All Senate Republicans joined the measure except for Rand Paul of Kentucky.

“I want the Republican Party in the Senate—and I think the House will follow—to firmly state that we believe Israel is a rule of law nation,” Sen. Graham told us. “That they have an ethical, well-regulated military,” that “the weapons that we’re providing to them are necessary for their continued survival, that you have Hezbollah, Hamas and Iran, all dedicated to the destruction of Israel, not the uplifting of the Palestinian people.”

The resolution rehearses the Biden Administration’s many promises of ironclad support to Israel. Yet among other weapons, the measure notes that “since January 2024 the Biden Administration has effectively paused the sale of up to 6,500 Joint Direct Attack Munitions.” These kits offer GPS directions to bombs so they are accurate within approximately 10 feet. They are exactly the precision weapons that reduce civilian casualties in urban warfare. Mr. Biden’s supposed moral stance will make the Israeli operation in Rafah more bloody and costly.

Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will probably try to deny the measure a floor vote. But the House could force Mr. Biden to at least pay some political price for his policy choices. Sen. Graham says he and Sen. Susan Collins of Maine are also looking at ways to push back through the appropriations process.

Mr. Biden’s threat to pull the plug on the main U.S. ally in the Middle East is a watershed moment that will radiate across the world. Other allies will wonder what they’re risking if they cast their lot with the U.S.

“Nations on the fence,” as Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said on the floor Thursday, “will look elsewhere for their own security. And our enemies will be emboldened.” An apt summary of Mr. Biden’s foreign policy.