Jan 04 2017

Graham: Julian Assange Is No Friend Of America Or Democracy

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) went on CNN today to discuss the Russian hack and recent comments made by Julian Assange.

“In Julian Assange’s world we are the bad guys – not the Russians, not the Iranians, not the North Koreans.” https://youtu.be/YEr52-dlmTQ?t=27s

“I hope the President-Elect will get his information and trust the American patriots who work in the intelligence community – who swear an oath and allegiance to the Constitution – and not some guy hiding from the law who has a record of undercutting and undermining American democracy.” https://youtu.be/YEr52-dlmTQ?t=1m15s

“There is no doubt in my mind the Russians hacked into the DNC political organization and John Podesta. It wasn’t a 14-year-old kid, unless he was working for the KGB. It wasn’t a 300-pound guy, unless he was a Russian agent. Every American should worry about this.” https://youtu.be/YEr52-dlmTQ?t=2m29s

“It’s the Democrats today, it could be the Republican Party tomorrow. None of us should be gleeful when a foreign entity hacks into our political system to interfere with our elections, and that’s what the Russians did… and I hope on Friday President-Elect Trump comes to that realization. [Trump] should condemn Julian Assange for putting our soldiers and foreign policy at risk. Julian Assange is no friend of America and no friend of democracy.” https://youtu.be/YEr52-dlmTQ?t=2m46s