May 06 2015

Graham Statement on Passage of GOP Budget

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WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement on the passage of the first GOP budget to pass both the House of Representatives and Senate in a decade.

Graham said:

"While not perfect, I'm proud the Budget Resolution I supported will strengthen the military and lead to a balanced budget without raising taxes.

"I was also pleased we were able to maintain an incredibly important provision I authored which increases defense spending. The passage of this provision is one of my proudest accomplishments in the Senate.

"I have long believed that the first obligation of the federal government is the defense and protection of our nation. Under my provision, we increase spending in the Overseas Contingency Operations Account to $96 billion, a $38 billion increase over the original allocation of $58 billion.

"In addition to financing American military operations in places like Afghanistan and against ISIL, this increased funding will be used to restore military readiness and advance important modernization programs. It will also help the United States military retain its military superiority in protecting our national security.

"In 2011, when Congress passed and President Obama signed the sequester into law, ISIL did not exist as a major threat. Today, there are more terrorist organizations with more capabilities, more arms, more recruits, and more safe havens to attack the United States than any time before 9/11. I believe the passage of this provision will be welcome news to those charged with protecting our nation.

"Finally, passing this budget is a major accomplishment for the new Republican majority in Congress. Now the budget process continues, and I look forward to an appropriations process where we must continue to fund our vital national priorities in a responsible manner."