Jan 09 2007

Graham Secures $8.6 Million for Habitat Conservation

WASHINGTON -- U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today announced two wildlife habitat conservation projects in South Carolina will receive $8.6 million in federal grant money.  The funds will help enable the state to purchase two environmentally significant tracts of land. 



"One of South Carolina ’s greatest treasures is the natural beauty of our surroundings,” said Graham.  “We have a responsibility to help ensure our state’s natural resources are preserved for the benefit of future generations.  These are two very important conservation projects.  I’m very pleased we were able to secure federal funding to protect both of these environmentally significant tracts of land.”



The federal funds will be redirected from already completed land acquisition projects. . 



The projects include:



  • $4.45 million to purchase the Woodbury Wildlife Management Area.  The Woodbury tract, covering 25,668 acres, will protect 27.5 miles of river frontage along the Great Pee Dee River and 11.5 miles of frontage along the Little Pee Dee River in Marion County .  



  • $4.15 million to purchase the Hamilton Ridge Wildlife Management Area along the Savannah River in Hampton County .  This tract of 13,281 acres is adjacent to 12,600 acres of South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR)-owned Wildlife Management Areas known as Webb and Palachucola.  Protection of Hamilton Ridge will double the protected acreage in this block and add another 8.5 miles to the existing 5 miles of state-protected frontage on the Savannah River



Both protected areas will be placed in the SCDNR Wildlife Management Area program and will be open to the public for traditional outdoor recreational opportunities such as birding, nature walking, hunting, and fishing. 



Graham credited his Senate and House colleagues for their work on this project.



“This was a team effort,” said Graham.  “It would not have happened without support from Jim DeMint, Henry Brown, Joe Wilson, and the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.  I truly appreciate their efforts.”



Graham noted that Governor Sanford hopes to add $20 million to a state fund to buy and preserve forest, wetlands and other wilderness areas in South Carolina .



“Conserving natural resources unifies South Carolinians from the coast to the mountains,” said Graham.  “We must be wise about preserving the natural beauty of our state for future generations. Today, we have taken another big step forward.”