Mar 21 2017

Graham Urges Colleagues To Confirm Gorsuch To The Supreme Court

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) questioned Judge Neil Gorsuch during his nomination hearing to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

  • GRAHAM: “So we find ourselves here today confronting a nomination of one of the most qualified people I think President Trump could have chosen from the conservative world.”
  • GRAHAM: “The ABA gave you the most highly qualified rating they could give anybody. I just want you to know that I believe you have led a life you should be proud of, that you’ve tried your best to be a good father, a good husband, a good lawyer, and a good judge.”
  • GRAHAM: “President Trump could not have done better in choosing you, and I hope [Democrats] will understand that you may not like [President Trump] – I certainly didn’t agree with President Obama – but I understood why he picked Sotomayor and Kagan. I hope you could understand why President Trump picked Neil Gorsuch. I hope you’ll be happy with that because I am.”
  • GRAHAM: “I think I’m one of two or three [of the original group] left [in the Senate] that believed that it was wrong to filibuster Supreme Court Justices – and judges in general – because you don’t like the outcome of the election. And we came up with a standard that you should only filibuster in extraordinary circumstances, which I think is consistent with what [Alexander] Hamilton had in mind in terms of the role of the Senate.”