Dec 14 2021

Yuma, Arizona Forced To Declare State Of Emergency

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today reacted to news that the mayor of Yuma, Arizona declared a State of Emergency in response to the surge of illegal immigration encountered in the region.

Graham visited Yuma in October. He warned:

“Yuma, Arizona is going to be the next Del Rio [Texas]. Word is out. They are sending people away from Del Rio and coming here. Most of the people who come here are not from Mexico or the Northern Triangle countries. Just about everybody we saw was from Venezuela, Brazil, and Cuba.”

Senator Lindsey Graham –

Yuma, Arizona – October 12, 2021

Graham today made this statement on Yuma, Arizona declaring a State of Emergency:

“I was disappointed to hear that the mayor of Yuma, Arizona was forced to declare a State of Emergency because of the dramatic increase in illegal immigration in the Yuma Sector. 

“I traveled to Yuma to meet with the mayor in October. I also met with Border Patrol officials and other community leaders. It was apparent then that the problems we were seeing in Texas would come to Arizona. It appears that time has now arrived. The latest report from the Yuma Sector states that since October 1 of this year, the flow of illegal immigration has already reached fifty percent (50%) of all of fiscal year 2021. 

“Whether in Texas or now in Arizona, it seems all too often local officials like the mayor of Yuma have to do the work and are stuck with confronting the problems of illegal immigration in order to protect their local communities. They are forced to sound the alarm and clean up the mess after the Biden Administration drops the ball.  This is a nightmare for the people of Arizona.

“I want to help these local communities suffering under the pressure of illegal immigration and help our Border Patrol who are working around the clock to manage the problems created by the Biden Administration. 

“Since taking office, the Biden Administration has been AWOL about unprecedented problems along our southern border. They refuse to get ahead of this problem and take corrective action. They have let this humanitarian and public health crisis spiral out of control. 

“Where is Vice President Harris? Where are the other Administration officials in charge? What are they doing to help states like Texas and Arizona who are forced to deal with the Biden Administration’s failures? Where are the international partners to help stem the flow? 

“Ultimately, it is up to the Biden Administration to lead on these issues. They need to up their game. Instead of focusing on these problems, they seem more intent on working toward legal settlements that will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to illegal immigrants who broke our laws.

“In an Administration marked by multiple critical failures, which have left our nation weaker than before they took office, the Biden Administration’s border policies are among the worst. The citizens of Yuma, Arizona and the surrounding communities are the latest victims of their failures.”