Mar 24 2022

Graham Reacts To Latest On Ukraine, Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today joined Fox & Friends to discuss President Biden’s attendance at an emergency NATO Summit and his reaction to the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.

On President Biden’s Participation in Emergency NATO Summit:

  • GRAHAM: “What would I like the President of the United States to say? I believe Ukraine can win. I am committed to them winning. I will hold Putin accountable – he needs to go. He's a war criminal on an industrial scale. Have you ever heard this Administration embrace the idea that Ukraine can win?”
  • GRAHAM: “If we come out of this summit and we don't have clarity about chemical weapons and nuclear weapons and we don't mention winning for Ukraine, then it's a big mistake…I need the President of the United States to stop betting on Putin winning.”

On Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings:

  • GRAHAM: “It’s not just about the fact that every time she has a child pornography case, she gives one of the lowest sentences possible that bothers me – it’s the system she uses to impose the sentence itself. I want to live in a world where if you go on the internet, and every time you push a button to get an image of a child being sexually exploited, your jail time goes up. In her world, she does not hold that against you. She refuses to enhance a sentence because the internet's being used, and she refuses to impose a sentence based on the volume of material.”
  • GRAHAM: “It's not that she's soft on [child] pornography crimes, it’s that her sentencing regimes are irresponsible and there's no deterrence. You know what she said was deterrence? Supervising the computer use of a child pornographer. I think deterrence is throwing their ass in jail.”

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