Aug 10 2017

Graham: It Is Unacceptable To Give The North Korean Leader The Ability To Strike America

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today spoke with Hugh Hewitt about the threat posed by North Korea.

  • GRAHAM: “…We will not allow North Korea to have an ICBM with a weapon on top to hit the American homeland. We’re not going to contain the threat. We’re going to deny that capability, and our policy has changed dramatically, and we’re trying to make sure that our allies and our enemies know that.”
  • GRAHAM: “We can’t afford to capitulate here. We capitulated in the past to evil people, and always lived to regret it. This is a circumstance that you cannot accommodate. It is unacceptable from my point of view to give the North Korean leader the ability to strike America.”
  • GRAHAM: “…Commentators on another network said last night that North Korea was a rational actor… Look at the human rights report on North Korea. Rational people do not do what Kim Jung Un has done to his own people. I don’t believe it’s in our national security interest for anybody to need to put nuclear weapons on top [of a missile] to hit America.”
  • GRAHAM: “From my point of view, not only should we deny them the ability to hit the American homeland with a nuclear-tipped missile, we should deny them the ability to grow their nuclear arsenal, because one day, they could sell this stuff. It’s not good for him [Kim Jong Un] to have a bunch of nuclear weapons. I don’t want to welcome him into the club. I’d like to kick him out.”
  • GRAHAM: “War will only happen if China completely fails in stopping North Korea. And China could do more if they choose. I want China to have two bad choices. I want China to have the choice of having to deal with a nutjob in their backyard, which would be very unpleasant and rein him in, or have a war in their backyard.”
  • GRAHAM: “His [President Trump’s] rhetoric yesterday, I think, is a change that is probably necessary. Everybody who spoke before him failed. Every smart person on TV who talks about what Trump should do when it was their turn to deal with North Korea, they failed miserably. There’s no place for him to kick the can down the road. So I’m 100% confident that if President Trump had to use military force to deny the North Koreans the capability to strike America with a nuclear-tipped missile, he would do that. And he’s going to listen to sound military advice, but he’s made a decision in his own mind not to let that happen on his watch.”