Apr 10 2018

Graham On Facebook Hearing

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement on the hearing with Facebook.

“What did I learn from today’s hearing?

“First, Mr. Zuckerberg is well-meaning and he has created a product – Facebook – which has enriched billions of peoples’ lives.  But there is also a dark side to Facebook which needs to be addressed.

“Second, contrary to Mr. Zuckerberg’s assertion, Facebook is a virtual monopoly and monopolies need to be regulated.

“Third, most Americans have no idea what they are signing up for because Facebook’s terms of service are beyond comprehension.

“Fourth, it would be difficult for members of Congress to tell their constituents we trust Facebook to continue to self-regulate given the problems we have seen. 

“I expect the regulatory regime for a company like Facebook will be challenging and difficult.  The regulatory tools available to us today may or may not work with Facebook.  It could possibly take the creation of new laws and regulations to deal with this platform.  But I do believe this: continued self-regulation is not the right answer when it comes to dealing with the abuses we have seen on Facebook.”