Feb 08 2024

Graham On The Path Forward For The National Security Supplemental

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement on the path forward in the Senate for the national security supplemental.    

“I will be voting no on cloture on the national security supplemental package minus the border security provisions because I believe we have not done all we can to secure our southern border.

“I have ideas to improve the border provisions and I think they are worthy of consideration by the Senate.

“I am insistent that we continue our efforts to secure our own border before we turn to helping other countries. I enthusiastically support Ukraine, Taiwan and Israel, but as I have been saying for months now, we must protect America first.

“I believe there is much more we can do in this regard and I insist that we try. We should not rush this process because Senators want to go on a break – it is too important.”