Apr 22 2022

Graham on Title 42, Ukraine, Recent Trip Abroad

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) yesterday spoke in Greenville, South Carolina on Title 42, the latest on Ukraine, and his recent trip to Australia, Taiwan, and Japan.

  • GRAHAM: “I’m getting on a plane today and I won’t be wearing a mask. The Biden Administration is wrong to continue pushing the mask mandate.”
  • GRAHAM: “When it comes to things like the mask mandate and repealing Title 42, under the Biden Administration you get a better deal as an illegal immigrant than if you were an American citizen.”
  • GRAHAM: “Why haven't we been all-in on going after Putin? He doesn't just want Ukraine, he wants to rewrite the map of Europe. China is watching. If Putin is still standing when this is all over, then I think it's almost a certainty that Taiwan will be invaded by China. However, if the Ukrainians can repel the Russians and inflict damage on the Russian economy and the Russian military, I think China will think twice about it.”
  • GRAHAM: “Taiwan is a big part of South Carolina's economy…I'm hoping in the coming weeks that Taiwan will announce that they're going to buy twenty-four 787 wide-body jets made by Boeing in South Carolina. That would be an $8 billion package. It would be a tremendous boost to Boeing in South Carolina, and I’m hoping Taiwan will make that decision.”
  • GRAHAM: “President Zelensky is asking for military weapons still yet to be delivered. The Biden Administration has been slow when it comes to sanctions. Why haven't we sanctioned the Russian economy as hard as we could? Right now, there should be nothing left on the table when it comes to Putin, and we should put every form of weapon within reason into the hands of the Ukrainians. They're willing to fight. They're not asking for American soldiers – they're asking for American weapons to kill Russians to keep their country free, and we're late. The delays in delivery have cost Ukrainian lives.”